Sunday, February 19, 2006

the gift of recieving

So on Wednesday or so of week before last my friend Susannah told me that another friend was having a birthday on Saturday... and being as I had a pair of socks started I decided that they would go to the mutual friend... they were met with a lukewarm reception... but ... thats o.k. too... this last week, I made yet another pair of socks... (lets see that make 3 1/2 pairs in 3 weeks... not bad... ) for the Feast of Fool gathering that was Saturday... I had said that I would make a pair for the raffle...

There was a decent amount of 'luxuries'... the socks, a 1/2 hour massage, a 1 hour massage, some pewter candle holders with tea lights, some large ceramic candle holders with candles, some soup mugs, t-shirts, a stained glass peice that was about 12" x 18" of tulips... I bought $5.00 worth of tix, in the hopes of getting something... but didn't... found out that my friend Susannah had won the socks... her grin was ear to ear and then some... but I may have to do some adjusting on them... they were made for someone with smaller feet... like a size 7 - 7 1/2, not an 8 - 9 ... and made a connection to make a pair for another friend, and she gave me the tulip stained glass... I was stunned... her quote was... I got lots and lots... and it was something that you had wanted... I am learning (sometimes with difficulty) that when people give, it is from the heart, and to not accept, is hurtful... it is hard for me as I like being the one who is giving... not recieving... but as the gods and goddess's know, it all evens out down the road of life!

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