Saturday, March 25, 2006

a week not to be repeated!


This past week has been the week from hell... Quite literally.

Tuesday went to another town, on the promise that there may be work.. fill out paperwork, answer questions... type a paragraph, do 10 min of data entry... only to be told the unspoken, don't call us, we won't call you... all the while I am listening to totally unprofessional children with foul mouths whining about having to work, while I am desperately needing a job... that will pay anything at all... sigh

Wednesday went to another temp agency, again more paper work, answer more questions, told come back at 5:00 a.m. ... I get up at 3:45, start walking the 4 miles to get to the agency by 5... only to be told that ... we don't have anything until the 14th of April...

And those who know me know that I am a total obsessive about being on time... Friday I was supposed to test for a job... and the test I thought was at 11:15... WRONG... sigh... I went to where the test was, was in town at 10... went to the office at 10:45, and was told that it was too late, the test was at 10:30...

In reading this I am also realizing that this disastrous week was a series of 3's, and maybe the gods and goddesses are now smiling... (and Mercury is now direct... hurray for better communication...)

Today I was out at faire and saw some folk I had interviewed with last week, and was asked if I wanted to sign paperwork today, so I said sure... filled out yet more paperwork... signed yet another w4 for taxes to be taken out of a check... and was asked how much I wanted to work... I said as much as I can... and was told to come a week from Thursday and I can start doing prep work, and can work Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday...

A job is a Job... is a JOB... and right now almost anything is better than what I have which is nothing!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Instant gratification

I like knitting... I like knitting socks... Socks are fast, they are moderately easy, a cuff, a heel, the heel/gusset, the foot, and the toe... the fun part is deciding what type of design you want to do on the cuff, and if you want to do a toe up, or cuff down... I'm not a fan of toe up, but have done them... The really really neat part about socks, is that once they are done, you get to wear them... like I said... Instant Gratification!!

Monday, March 06, 2006

job hunt...

So... I get a call last week from a 'temp to hire' agency... sounds good... almost one of those things of too good to be true... you know the type... yea, it was...

Several years ago, I had applied at a 'nameless' temp agency, filled out all the happy paperwork, called multiple times, 'no ... haven't found anything, we will call you... then I get a note in the mail from said agency saying that I had put the wrong social security number... so they couldn't send me on any jobs, and would I please contact the agency to 'fix' the problem... I went to the agency, and questioned... as it turned out, they had transposed the number on their end, but didn't / wouldn't accept the responsiblity for it... so... I had no referals, no work ... and a whole lot of frustration! Today, I walked into this office, and alarm bells were going off in my head... I am surprised that the folks there didn't hear them! They told me to put in my social... and lo and behold... it doesn't work... (gee I wonder why!!!) so... I went and said ... its not taking the number?! "Oh... did you perhaps register w/___ (said nameless agency)... yes, but I was never activated... so they took care of getting me into the system, and then came the question of why did you call us... what do you want us to do for you... having had this happen before with a different agency... (also nameless) I told them... you called me... last Thursday... which confused the woman even more... and again I have the feeling of... it was indeed too good to be true...

but... on a bright note, I now have interview clothes! As I told my dau, I spent money on myself, as I had gone thru my clothes, and realized that 85% of my pants are jeans in various amounts of dis-repair... no, not toooo holey, but some are a bit more raggedy then others... and 80% of my shirts are logo style t-shirts from ren-faire and 15% are tye-dye... not quite interview material! I now have 2 suits, 3 office type nice blouses, 3 nice blouses, and a nice jacket all of which can be mixed and matched!

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