Thursday, March 12, 2009

Promises made... part the 2nd

ring ring

Looking at the caller id... (xyz company)

"Hi this is Michael... from xyz company... I understand that your not happy right now... I've contacted the manager of your route driver and someone should be out either today, or tomorrow at the latest"

'pardon me for being skeptical, but I went through this last year, and the year before... '

"Well we are trying a different training with everyone, to make sure that our people keep you happy"

'if the route driver doesn't come out as "promised" is there a direct line to speak with you?'

"If you call call the 800 number..."

(yea... uh huh...)

and... part the 3rd

shortly after that conversation ended, the route driver came in...

Promises Made...

promises not kept...

Monday the soda machine at work decided to eat my $$...

I call XYZ soda company... "someone will contact you by this time tomorrow..."

'will they call or come to the office'


Yesterday... surprise surprise surprise (NOT)... no contact... so I call XYZ soda company again... and again explain, that I'm the building in front, not the building in back...

Today, the building mate comes in and says... the XYZ company is in back... sigh

also turns out that the parent company has been calling (to no avail) about their machine eating $$

Hey Mr. Polar Bear... I really do like the product... but your reps have to not make promises that can't be kept by your sales persons!

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