Thursday, May 11, 2006


I got my socks!!!

I was intrigued by a post several months ago in one of the groups that I belong to about knitting socks for a trade... I knitted some socks for a a lady named Sarah back in NY... using a pattern I had never ever ever used before, and was knitting with some trepidition... as she is an incredible knitter... my thoughts were... I'm knitting for her?! It will never pass muster... (yea I know the self esteem thing again!) The socks that I knitted for her, I call rightside-upside down socks, as I had thought that the color-way matched... and surprise... rightside-upside down!!!

Meanwhile back at the Ohio Ranch a lovely lady named Barbara was knitting for me... and ohmygoodness the package she sent me... Chocolate... burts bees cuticle creame... and some beautiful pumpkin pie colored socks, the pattern is from interweave knits winter 2005... (of which I have a copy, and have started on a pair for another friend of mine... )

This picture is of the socks that were knitted for me... (picture 'borrowed' from Barbara!)

When I got the package from Barbara, I was as excited as a kidlet on a special day... as it meant that someone had taken time for me... and I called another friend to tell her that Sarah had gotten her socks and all was well, and that I had gotten my socks... and that it was so very neat that I had socks that were knitted for me but not by me... to which she said... 'thats why I love the socks that I won in the raffle... you knitted them... not necessarily for me... but they weren't knitted by me...

I love my socks that I knit, and I know how long it takes to make them, and they have a 'value' because of the effort, but in our throw away world, and the attitued that when something tears, breaks, or loses its usefullness we throw it away, and go buy more... for cheaper because we have out sourced... we lose sight of the fact that even that we are not disposable!

(stepping down from my soap box now... )

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Today I am wearing hugs... I have on a sweatshirt that a friend of mine sent me probably 15 years ago, Navy Blue, with cardinals on it... it is comfy, and it is like having a hug from her every time I wear it! I like wearing hugs... they remind me of the people who give me so much in my life!!!

On another front...
I have a JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was hired at a truck scale a week ago to weigh loaded / unloaded rigs, and to do dmv certifications!!! There are times (a lot of times) when my self esteem is slim to none... this week tho has reminded me that I do have worth, and that I am a valued member of the human race... and that I need to value myself more often!

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