Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Today I am wearing hugs... I have on a sweatshirt that a friend of mine sent me probably 15 years ago, Navy Blue, with cardinals on it... it is comfy, and it is like having a hug from her every time I wear it! I like wearing hugs... they remind me of the people who give me so much in my life!!!

On another front...
I have a JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was hired at a truck scale a week ago to weigh loaded / unloaded rigs, and to do dmv certifications!!! There are times (a lot of times) when my self esteem is slim to none... this week tho has reminded me that I do have worth, and that I am a valued member of the human race... and that I need to value myself more often!

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Anonymous said...

I just saw your post; you doooo have worth, you also are gracious and love to help others. Remember that. By the way, you got some gorgous socks; if I see you soon, I want to see the socks that Barbara made you.
Barbara's must be wonderful people LOL

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