Monday, January 10, 2011

Warning - rant ahead

(you have been warned)

Scenario  - rant

You come across someone who is passed out in front of a business:
Do you
a) step over him/her in disgust
b) go inside and inform someone who is working at the business
c) walk past, scratch your head and say wtf
d) call the local authorities and say... there is someone who I am concerned about - here is the scenario, and am I right in being concerned

Last night I went down to the grocery store - and on my way back home I saw a person passed out drunk half in a planter box half on the sidewalk in front of a gas station.  My thought was... he is moderately in the drive way and with the way people are driving now - he could be killed... I went in to the station and said... "Ummmmmmmmmmmmm are you aware that there is a person passed out in your planter box...?" The woman's response was "yea,I know,  I don't know if **** wants me to get involved"... HUH... you don't know if your boss wants you to get involved... ummmmmmmmmm (thinking to myself) what is wrong with this picture... she then said - I'm sure that the police will come along soon and check him out - I'm surprised they haven't yet... and I'll give you the change if you want to use the pay phone to call some one... and I said no... that's o.k. I'll use my cell... I call the local p.d. and told them what I had seen - and they were there w/ambulance within 5 minutes.  Said person probably had alcohol poisoning, as (according to the clerk) when he would try to get up - he would fall back down in a heap.

Good and bad the guy is going to have a bill from AMR, and from what ever hospital that he was taken too... but - as far as I know, he is still alive, and I have a new (sadly) understanding about the person who didn't want to get involved.

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