Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Here already?!

Almost a week into the new year... and yea... its a new year. I started - and finished a beanie style hat that will go to a friend who I ride the bus with, for her daughter... this past weekend, nice way to start a year - finishing a project!

I'm starting another project today, a pair of toe up socks... one of the networking sites that I am on has a 'please try my pattern' listing... and these sounded interesting... (same site, had the beanie)

Christmas was quiet, which is good, spent it with my daughter, and her best friend, (who I call my step daughter) and I think that all the gifties that were exchanged were well appreciated by their recipients! I know that I am appreciating all of mine!

New Years eve was nice, spent a part of it with friends, enjoying sushi at a small restaurant close to where we have our knit-togethers, and it was a 'blue-moon' meaning that we had 2 full moons in one month... quite a way to end a year!

I hope all of my cyber friends and family had a good Christmas, and quiet New Years... and that this year is better for everyone than last year was... it is pretty much a universal opinion that last year 'sucked'... Here is hoping the new one is better!

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