Thursday, January 26, 2006

almost done!!!

First of all... whine... I have a cold.... it snuck up on me, when I wasn't looking, and I am most unhappy with it!

Secondly... I am almost done with the socks!!! Good news/bad news... the person who wanted them, really really wants them... and they fit him... :-( and he has given me a down payment on them... ah well

I am at the point of doing the toes... should be done tomorrow, or Saturday at the latest.

In doing these socks I have learned alot!!! I knit 'continental style', and realized that I was purling 'wrong' ... it did the trick, but it wasn't quite right... and that when I did the ssk (slip-slip-knit) that I was doing that wrong too... I have fixed those problems, and this sock project is the best that I have done ever! I am now looking at other patterns with the famous hmmmm that people get when the light goes on...

But for now... its a thing of finishing these socks.

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