Friday, March 05, 2010


Last Friday, (Feb. 26th) I did something very very rare, and took a day off from work... and 4 friends, Cindy, Kate, Tina, Victoria and I went to San Jose, CA for Stitches west!!!

WOW... Oh my, It was for me like being in a candy store, and toy store for the first time ever!  My first thought was to get over to see my friends Ba, and Karen, at Royal Hare.. then I relaxed and said 'oh my'... as I looked around! 

There were classes of all types, both ones that you had to sign up for far in advance which were approx. 2ish hours long, and ones that were 30 minutes and quick 'how-to's'.  Saturday, when we went in one of the first things I saw was a woman teaching a technique called knit one below, which I had seen mentioned but hadn't seen it done, I hadn't tried doing it... The woman who was demonstrating it works with Knitting Universe, and was showing a technique from the book "knit one below",  which of course was something that due to good advertising placement, I purchased... along with the Great American Afghan, and and the Great American Aran Afghan.... Both of which I had been wanting for several years!

I was oh so tempted by needles, hooks, fiber and yarns... I did buy 1 hook, a bone crochet hook that I can use at faire, and I bought 3 pairs of socks... that I have to make!  One is in Peppermint Mocha, a delicious colorway from Lorna's Laces, one is in a lovely 'pastel colorway, from a company called yuppy threads, and the other is a beautiful pumpkin blend from forever.  Both of which I got from DBNY (if you click on the link, and then in the search bar type in yuppy, or forever, it will bring up the yarns... and can be seen below!)

On Sunday, when we got to the convention center there were 2 ladies with Alpacas!!!

All in all it was a grand relaxing weekend, and I plan on going back next year!

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