Monday, July 13, 2009

Lots 'o stuffies...

I've learned a new knitting pattern... hurray...
Entrelac... It is an interesting one to do... and enjoyable to watch grow!!

Happy Belated 4th... I'm glad that I live here in the United States... where I still have 'freedom of speech'! This pix is the underside of a C17, that did a flyby over the University of Redlands... where some friends and I went for Picnic in the park, and the 4th of July fireworks show that is put on there every year!

This past weekend, I played 'superwoman' (again)... I moved a 'new to me' refrigerator from outside, to inside... bit at a time, it was taken in... it is now inside my kitchen, humming along noisily... but humming! My old 'new to me' fridge which was probably 30ish years old, decided that after 14 or 15 years of living in my kitchen that it didn't want to keep the refrigerator part cold... cool, but not cold... I'm a HUGE believer in keeping food out of the danger zone... below 40, or above 140, (f) in between is inviting food poisoning, and that is not a fun thing to have! I have a scar from stem to stern (navel to sternum) because of it... My friend Stephanie found this one on Craigs list... for a very good price... and delivered it for me too! I remembered the adage that I learned from years ago of push don't pull... and got it inside... and situated! I now have to get the other one out...

Yes I am nuts!

Finally I leave you with a bit of the booms from the 4th... the show was great!

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