Friday, May 09, 2008

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A couple of weeks ago a friend came to see me at Faire... bearing gifties... one of the gifties was this yarn... which goes from medium dark grass green... kind of like grass that has had a couple of weeks to get all the chlorophyll... to a light grass green, similar to grass that has just been mowed...

The pattern is Feet First by Debbie Tomkies, from Simply Knitting Magazine, which is from Great Britain... The way that it is written, is similar how I try to explain to people... and as I am reading it, I can 'hear' her explaining, and I can 'see' it in my mind eye...

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fiberfreek said...

Hello! I'm the 'friend' with the gifties. What our beloved Auntie Pita is not telling you is that her fingers have this habit of refusing to knit if the eyes see flashes of bright color! You should have seen her try to be polite when she saw this yarn! She has gifted me with wonderful earth tones -I am NOT addicted to the Nutmeg colorway at
Look what amazing work she does!
Proud to call her my friend and mentor! Prouder still to call her family!

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