Thursday, August 16, 2007

New Pix!!!

I've been learning more and more about my camera... the endish of December, beginning of January, I bought myself a Canon a540 digital camera... which goes with me most everywhere... some of my pix can be seen here...

Life has been life... good, bad, up, down... I'm working at Northern Renaissance Faire again and info for it can be found at this site.

Knitting projects... Lots and lots of socks have been done, including a pair for one of my guild mistresses... I had avoided doing much of anything for her as lots of folks will 'do' for her in the hopes of being 'noticed... and gaining favor... ' I had found some yarn from royalehare that looked like something that she would like... and asked her if I could make some socks for her... she said yes... and was happy to get the socks!

I'm still working at the scale... and am feeling very comfortable with the job that I do... and 'o.k.' with my 'anal-ness' as far as things being 'right'...

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