Thursday, September 14, 2006


Asking a weighmaster for a false certificate is unlawful. Conviction can result in a $1,000.00 fine and / or 6 months in jail.

Weighmasters who issue false weighmaster certificates are subject to the same penalty, plus loss of their license

Weighmasters are asked to report such request to Weights and Measures

Stare of California
Department of Food and Agriculture
8500 Fruitridge Rd
Sacramento, CA 95826

I had a driver come in who works for a used auto dealership... he brought in paperwork, and asked me to do 2 different weights... "its a caddy, they all weight the same... " I told him that I could only do 1, and he handed me a cert for what he said was a 2003 caddy... I took him at his word that it was the correct paperwork... but something just kept tickling the back of my brain so I went out and looked at the vin number... yeppers the vin was entirely different than either of the 2 certificates that he had brought in... when I called him on it.. the quote was.. whats the big deal... my quote back to him was the question of... are you going to support me? ... guess what the answer was. . .

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